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Court docs: Brighton shooting suspect claims self defense, "I was protecting myself from that devil! | Crime

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Court docs: Brighton shooting suspect claims self defense, "I was protecting myself from that devil!
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Court docs: Brighton shooting suspect claims self defense, "I was protecting myself from that devil!

Today we obtained the court papers filed in connection with the shooting death in Brighton of CJ Schoen. They include statements by the young man accused of shooting Schoen. He says it was self defense.

Maxwell Wyant says he was home in early February when, suddenly, he saw Schoen standing in the hallway inside the front door. (Wyant told police Schoen was an ex-roommate, they kicked him out a month before).

The following quotes come directly from the court papers

According to the statement of the first police officer to arrive at the scene, Wyant said that Schoen "had a beef against him and that he took Max's cat without permission."

Wyant was then interviewed by Brighton Police Investigator Mark Liberatore.

 Wyant told Investigator Liberatore that "it was self defense, I was protecting myself from that devil!"

Wyant stated that Schoen was "yelling and screaming" at him and Wyant told him to leave the house. Wyant told police he "feared for his life." His statement says Wyant grabbed a shotgun from his bedroom and pointed it at Schoen.

Shots fired

The document continues, "At this time according to Wyant, CJ (Schoen) continued to approach Wyant yelling and screaming. Wyant feared for his life and he shot one round 'a less than lethal Lightfield Koosh ball round.'"

Wyant told the investigator that Schoen "didn't even flinch. He kept coming towards me." 

That's when, according to the court papers, Wyant fired a second shot and this time it was a "00 buck 12 gauge."

Wyant told the investigator that the round hit Schoen in his stomach.

Wyant told police he and his roommate carried Schoen outside. "We were going to put him in the car and take him to the hospital but he was really hurt so we decided to call an ambulance instead."

"Tonight I proved he ain't a god"

Back at the Brighton Police Department, the court documents show that Wyant maintained his claim that the shooting was in self defense. But en route, the paper work says Wyant said "how screwed am I" and "it was self defense. That kid literally thought he was a god, well I proved tonight that he ain't a god."

Judge drops charge to assault

Maxwell Wyant is in jail. He was indicted on 2nd degree murder. Last week, Judge Doug Randall reduced the charge to 1st degree assault because during the grand jury hearing, "the People failed to properly quality Ms. Granger as an expert to allow her to testify, based upon her training and experience, to the cause of death of the victim. Without such opinion evidence the People have failed to present legally sufficient evidence establishing that the defendant caused the death of the victim."

The District Attorney's office appealed the judge's ruling on Friday.  

Crime, News

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