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Grass wilting in the heat, causing fire hazard | Environment

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Grass wilting in the heat, causing fire hazard
Grass wilting in the heat, causing fire hazard

It's fair to say that some people are wilting in the heat we've been having in Rochester, but the grass is really wilting under the sun's rays, and the fact that we haven't had any significant rain isn't helping.

In some areas, the dry conditions are ripe for grass fires.

The City of Rochester declared a heat emergency Friday, and it feels a lot like it did last week, but the big difference is the amount of grass fires we've had locally.

Firefighters were called out to several brushfires along 490 in Brighton this week.

Officials say thousands of feet of grass were burned. Several exit ramps even had to be closed off because of the flames.

Even thought they have not been able to determine to exact cause of the fires, officials say they strongly believe it had a lot to do with dry conditions.

Officials also say small things that wouldn't usually start a fire are more than likely to ignite under dry conditions- things such as the sun reflecting off of glass or metal, or drifting embers that may start secondary fires.

Officials say it's important to be aware of small fires out on the road and at home.

"There's different town and different rules and regulations on recreational fires. but the chimeneas and the little fire pits need to have an extinguishing agent with them. A bucket of water or a fire extinguisher. Not to leave the flame unattended. We want people to think maybe it may not be a good day to have that fire with these dry conditions until we get some rain," Brighton fire chief Stephen MacAdam tells News10NBC.

Officials say they want smokers to watch where they are throwing their cigarette butts. They say that little cigarette can end up spreading a huge fire, especially during these dry conditions.

If you do see even a small fire by the road, you are urged to call 911.

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