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Tips on maintaining your spa year-round | Home & Garden

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Tips on maintaining your spa year-round



Nothing is more relaxing on a cold night than warming up in a spa. To enjoy your spa to the fullest, regular maintenance should be a top priority. Design Pool & Spa offers these five simple steps that will help you keep your spa safe and enjoyable all year round:

1. Do chemical maintenance on a weekly basis.

“It depends on the type of spa system that is used, but it’s important to have a regular maintenance routine,” said Gary Bednarcyk, owner of Design Pool & Spa.

Chlorine or bromine are the most common sanitizers, and oxidizer (also known as shock) should be used with any system. The appropriate amount depends on the type and size of the spa and how the spa is being used. Frequently used tubs will need additional oxidizer to deal with the contamination. Since there are several options for sanitizing a spa, it is important to discuss with your retailer which one will work best for your particular situation. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a “chemical free system.”

2. Take a water sample to your dealer on a regular basis.

It is crucial to keep spa water balanced. Bednarcyk recommends new spa owners take a water sample to their dealer a minimum of two to three times per month, until they are more familiar with maintenance routines and tactics.

3. Monitor chemical levels with test strips.

In between visits to your retailer, using test strips is a great way to get an idea of what’s going on in your spa. They show the current approximate levels of sanitizer, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness in the water. If a particular chemical level seems out of range your best option is to visit your retailer for a professional water analysis. Eventually you may even become comfortable making adjustments on your own.

4. Change spa water every two to four months.

How often the water needs to be changed depends on how often the spa is used. For example, a three-person family who uses the spa five times a week, is considered a heavy bather load, and the water should be changed approximately every two months. On the other end of the spectrum, a two-person family that uses the spa only once a week wouldn’t need to change the water as frequently. Regardless of the amount of use, the water should be changed at least every four months.

5. Be committed to maintenance. When in doubt, ask your retailer.

Spas create a hot and humid environment, which is why keeping up with maintenance is critical. Bacteria or chemical imbalances can cause skin rashes, folliculitis and other illnesses. However, if you are committed to your maintenance routine, few problems should ever arise and your spa should be the relaxing and enjoyable environment you purchased it for. Never hesitate to contact your retailer if you have questions or concerns.


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