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Residents meet to discuss athletic field improvements in Pittsford | News

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Residents meet to discuss athletic field improvements in Pittsford

There's a proposal to add lights to some school athletic fields in Pittsford and some people don't want them. 

Right now, residents in Pittsford have the chance to comment on a proposal before the school board. They're looking at options to improve athletic fields in the district. But not everyone is on board.

Tonight for the first time, the Pittsford Board of Education and parents are hearing for an architect on the state of the track and field and what the district needs to do to improve them.

An architect studied every athletic field in the district- how they're used, how often, and how well they're holding up. Last year, nearly 4,700 school and community events were played on those fields, and tonight, parents and educators learned that the fields are simply not making the grade.

Architect Brian Domkey's firm conducted the research on the fields to determine the demand. Tonight, Domkey told the group that the district needs 18 new grassy fields or 3 synthetic fields with light to keep up with the demand they're seeing.

Domkey says synthetic fields would hold up better, and recommended putting one at Pittsford Mendon High School, or replacing Sutherland's stadium, or the west field at Barker Road. He also recommended adding lights so that the fields could be used at night.

Some residents don't share Domkey's view, though. Susan Doyle lives behind the baseball field at Mendon and says she thinks lights would be too disruptive to the areas surrounding those fields.

"Little by little, dug outs are going up, scoreboards are going up, fencing is going up...but when you start getting lights involved that's disruptive, especially late at night," says Doyle.

The board didn't make any decisions tonight on the fields, and it may be another month or more before it does.

Even if the board does say yes, they would then have to put the proposal to a referendum. If the community approved it, it would have to go through a state environment review. The school district would have to figure out the cost and how to pay for the improvements, all before work could even begin.

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