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Residents learn more about new I-590/Winton Road interchange | News

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Residents learn more about new I-590/Winton Road interchange

A brand new, innovative traffic design will change the intersection at South Winton Road and Route 590. People who live and work in the area say it's about time. On Thursday night, the DOT held a meeting to hear the feedback from those people.

People came with questions, and they came with concerns. On the other side, state engineers came with answers. In about a week and a half, the state will begin the $4.9-million project to redesign the intersection at South Winton Road and Interstate 590.

People like Chic Lasser, who's lived in the area most of his life, say at certain times of the day, the taffic is unbearable- especially if you're turning left opposite the Jewish Home onto French Road.

"At about 5 o'clock it is the biggest bottleneck...looking at the way the plan to is being drawn out, I don't know if this will solve it.. But the engineer did say they will coordinate multiple lights and that should minimize it. so I'm willing to give it a chance to see how its going to work," says Lasser.

But it's not just the inconvenience that concerns people, it's the safety, too.

"I've lived here for 13 years. I've almost been involved in several accidents, I've seen two accidents and many near misses, so we definitely need improvement," says resident Susan Korpeck.

DOT Spokesperson Lori Maher says the state DOT is aware of the concerns and the dangers. She says the new design will address the safety concerns, creating dedicated turning lanes to French Road and 590. She also says the design will ease congestion and make room for cyclists and pedestrians.

"If we can make that left turn onto 590 South coming from the northbound direction, a free flow unopposed, you can just be on the left hand side of the road and just make that turn, then there's no possibililty of conflict. It's a solution that we can address the needs that we have here. It's the first in New York state and its about the 8th in the country," says Maher.

Crews will also install new curbs, new sidewalks, traffic lights and reconstruct portions of the ramps. The project is expected to be done by late August.

Maher says motorists can expect traffic delays during the work. One lane in each direction on Winton Road will close, and the ramps to 590 will be closed overnight on some nights and weekends.

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