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Student charged with Brighton High School break-in appears in court | News

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Student charged with Brighton High School break-in appears in court
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Student charged with Brighton High School break-in appears in court

A Brighton High School student is facing felony charges accused of vandalizing the Brighton High School building Friday morning. The damage is estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars. It was so extensive; it closed the high school for the day.

Adam Putz, a student at the high school was arraigned Friday afternoon in Brighton Town Court. He’s facing numerous felony and misdemeanor charges including burglary, grand larceny and criminal mischief. 

Putz didn’t seem to understand the seriousness of the charges against him in court. A couple of times, he responded to the judge and had to be quieted. The judge did enter pleas of “not guilty” on his behalf. 

The 18-year-old is charged with causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage at Brighton High School. It was discovered Friday morning when the school’s alarm sounded. The damage so extensive, it closed school and canceled activities for the day. 

Chief Mark Henderson, Brighton Police Department, said, “It’s pretty evident. It’s large and wide scale and damage to the school. We thought we could get the school open in that two hour window. It became readily apparent to us that we could not do that. It's a crime scene, a large crime scene.” 

Brighton Police say Putz broke into the school sometime after 1:00am. They say he broke windows, damaged science equipment and other property. Staff members say they saw him outside and called to him. That’s when they say he stole a car from the driver’s education program and took off. 

Chief Henderson said, “This was not a prank. This was a felony level crime with significant damage to the school.” 

When police tried to apprehend Putz, court documents say, he kicked the officers. Students don’t like what happened. However, senior Heidi Harter thinks she understands why this happened. 

Senior Heidi Harter said, “I think the student probably just had enough of the school being harsh. They've been really harsh with rules. I think they’ve been inconsistent. For some students, they get lenience and other students do not.” 

In court, Putz said out loud he had been suspended. The judge then told him to stop talking. 

Some freshman students say the vandalism is wrong. 

Freshman Anie Zinter said, “It's not fair to kids who are freshmen like us because we have to deal with it for four years when they're done which means they're kind of taking their anger out on us.”

Freshman Ilana Ascher said, “The punishments I think are consistent. If you're not going to classes you get detention. You get escorting you to class. They're trying to help you get the best education you can, to help you get into a good college so it's just not right.” 

Friday afternoon, the judge sent Putz to the Monroe County Jail and set bail at $7,500 cash. He told Putz he is banned from all school property. To that Putz replied, “That bad. I have school on Monday.” 

The judge ordered Putz to come back to court on Monday with an attorney. A preliminary hearing is set for Tuesday.

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