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The sport of rowing is making waves | News

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The sport of rowing is making waves
The sport of rowing is making waves

Rochester is well represented in the sport of rowing at these summer games.

Naples native Meghan Musnicki will compete in the women's eight and Henrick Rummel from Pittsford is competing in the men's four.

Rowing has grown in our area and thanks to the success of athletes like Rummel, its expanding even more.

It’s becoming a familiar scene along the canal -- kids learning to row. Pittsford Crew was the first in our area to offer this sporting option at the club level.

Coach Pittsford Crew Coach Barb Kindig said, “When Pittsford Crew started in 1998 we then helped Brighton and Fairport so it's great to be helping start another club on the other side of the city.”

Rowing has been available to all kids across Monroe County as a club sport. Now Spencerport is trying to organize crew on the west side.

“Gates Chili, Churchville Chili, all these communities, it's an option for these kids to pursue rowing.” Long time local coach John Bernfield is working behind the scenes to launch the new club. Pittsford crew is donating oars and a boat. “We just think its time that the kids on the west side have a chance to do it. It's a life changing sport, it was for me, for a lot of kids they get the opportunity in college, they might not have had if it weren't for rowing.”

As a way to embrace the new competition, kids from each of our area's five rowing clubs gathered to welcome Spencerport.

Kindig said, “If your child is struggling in high school to get accepted to the team this is the perfect sport for them to take. A lot of kids who haven't been in other sports they find a niche here. When we tell them that there is an Olympian from Pittsford, their jaws drop.”

Olympian Henrick Rummel started his rowing career on these same waters in the eighth grade. He is proof to these kids that paddling your way to the top is possible.

McQuaid freshman Jack Gaffney said, “I think it's good we've got the word out that crew is spreading and we'll be able to spread it to other school districts and colleges.”

Spencerport crew is expected to be ready to go by September.

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