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Family and friends remember victims of deadly wrong way crash | News

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Family and friends remember victims of deadly wrong way crash
Family and friends remember victims of deadly wrong way crash

For the first time, News10NBC is hearing from a man who witnessed a deadly wrong way crash over the weekend.

39-year-old Daniel Bell was riding his motorcycle when it was hit by a car driven by 36-year-old Alphonse Chimera. Deputies say Chimera was driving the wrong way.

Investigators say the crash happened early Sunday morning on I-390 between West Henrietta and Scottsville Roads.

News10NBC spoke with the other motorcycle rider out with Bell Sunday. The motorcycles got on I-390 at West Henrietta Road headed northbound, when all of a sudden, according to a man riding with Bell, a car’s headlights came at them from out of nowhere at a high rate of speed and then a horrible crash.

Bobby Giorgione was riding with his buddy, Dan Bell, just ahead of him, when something was wrong.

Giorgione said, “We got on 390 and I saw the car coming and I said, ‘Wow, that car is going the wrong way.’ I was a little further ahead, so I didn’t see it hit actually him. I just saw an explosion. So I pulled over to the side of the road waiting for Dan to come out and he never came so I turned back around and I got there and saw just a mess.”

Tiffany Van Wyngaarden and Bell got married last summer and combined their children, six from his first marriage and two from hers. She said the younger children don't fully understand their father's death.

Van Wyngaarden said, “His youngest daughter is six and wants her daddy to come home. She just keeps calling me to bring her daddy home. And Nathaniel's four. He's the youngest and he's building a rocket to go up to heaven to bring Dan back. And I have to take him to Home Depot to buy the perfect wood to bring him home.”

Tiffany said her husband would often ride late at night when there were fewer cars on the road.

Van Wyngaarden said, “It's just like all your stress goes. It's was Dan's stress reliever. We all know the risks getting on a bike but you never imagine something like this. By no means was it his choice or his wrongdoing at all.”

On Monday, she recovered a pink rag from the mangled motorcycle.

Van Wyngaarden said, “And he always carried something pink on him. And this rag just happened to be with him all the time. It's what he took out to wipe his bike off to keep it clean. Every time before we went riding or when he stopped somewhere. And it's kind of one of the only things I have left from him. So I took it and it will be with me always.”

Giorgione said, “He was an amazing man. The love he had for Tiffany was so crazy and strong. He was a great father and a great friend.”

Van Wyngaarden’s mom said that it is Tiffany’s birthday Saturday and Dan Bell’s 40th birthday would have been August 15. He had worked as a fork light operator at Mott’s in Williamson and just started working as a mechanic for a friend who has a trucking company.

Alphonse Chimera’s father, Russell, says his son attended McQuaid and served in the Navy. Chimera says his son always cared for other people and never did drugs and didn’t drink and drive. He said his son was bad with directions and often relied on his GPS system and that may have caused him to mistake the exit for an entrance ramp.

The sheriff’s accident reconstruction team is still working on how fast the car was going and the sheriff is still waiting for toxicology reports on both drivers.


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